Want to get your company up and running?

Kick start your own startup with us backing you in every way possible.

We would assist you right from ideation to getting the company running and acquiring your first customer.

This is how we would be helping you:



Pitch Deck

Presenting the idea in an extraordinary manner for investment


Promoting the business through offline channels and digital marketing

Organising Business

Organising workflow, operations, finances and growth

Growth Hacking

Rapid experimentation to figure out the best plan for growth

Startup Launch

Product Ideation

Brainstorming USPs and features for the product/service

Understanding Ideas

Knowing the ideas with
a holistic approach

Business Proposition

Setting the right business proposition against the value provided

Economic Feasibility

Checking if the product is commercially viable by calculating basic  P&L

Business Plan

Setting goals and plotting plans to achieve them

Market Strategy for Customer Acquisition

Strategic approach to enter the market and land the initial customer


Setting a strategic brand identity using design principles

Web and App Development

Website, android and iOS development with a perfect UX/UI

Stakeholder analysis

Understanding each stakeholder involved along with their needs

Understanding Investments and Pitching 

Learning how an investment cycle operates and the best way to pitch an Idea

Company Registration

Getting the company recognised by the government

Market Feasibility

Knowing if your product is viable in the current market

Business Model

Crafting a holistic business model which describes the business

Value proposition

Creating a value proposition for all stakeholders 

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Learning to draft b-models, b-plans and understanding core business fundamentals

Logo Design

The symbol which symbolises your business

Strategic Brand Marketing

Creating a strategic plan for 
a high brand recall value

Company Valuation

Calculating the commercial value of the idea and the subsequent company

Finances and Taxation

Knowing the basics of finances and understanding business taxation policy

Now, how about getting a full sponsorship for your idea and availing all of the above services completely free of cost???


All you have to do is pitch your idea in the best possible way to our panel of experts. If they find your idea to be feasible and see great business potential in it, then you would get sponsored.